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Steel Battalion's Trailer Brings Giant Robot Warfare To New York City
Sep 15, 2010 . Of all Microsoft's surprising Kinect reveals earlier today, none carries the weight of nostalgia - and potential - like the reimagining of cult mech .


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Steel Battalion Review for Xbox: For giant robot wars there is no ...
Nov 30, 2002 . For Steel Battalion on the Xbox, a reader review titled "For giant robot wars there is no power greater than 'X'!".

MechQuest -FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
A.) It is a Fantasy Mecha (Giant Robot) RPG where you will pilot some of the most devastating machinery . 5000 years BEFORE the town of Battleon was built.

Mar 11, 2012 . This week saw the launch of ARMARAUDERS: THE LAST BATTALION a web comic and toy line featuring awesome giant robots. This is the .

Official XBOX Magazine | Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor hands-on ...
May 11, 2012 . The original Xbox's Steel Battalion is a big act to follow literally. . the cult- classic Vertical Tank (read: giant robot/mech) sim shipped with a .


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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor "Story Trailer" in High Definition G4tv ...
Mar 5, 2012 . Inside every giant robot tank is a group of soldiers, and inside them is something worth fighting for. Check out this trailer for Steel Battalion, and .

News: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Pre-Order Details
For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Steel Battalion is a game that simulates fighting in giant robots known as vertical tanks. This title will take advantage .

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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Story Trailer Video
Mar 5, 2012 . Inside every giant robot tank is a group of soldiers, and inside them is something worth fighting for. Check out this trailer for Steel Battalion, and .

Steel Battalion: Line of Contact: Information from
Steel Battalion: Line of Contact Release Date: February 26, 2004 Genre: Simulation Style: Giant Robot Sim Game Description Steel Battalion: Line of Contact.

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot - Full Episodes and Clips ...
I dreamed of the day I could take out an entire Unicorn battalion by somehow getting ahold of that watch, tinkering with it, and making Giant Robot do Gargoyle's .


Steel Battalion | Gamers With Jobs
Jun 2, 2011 . Steel Battalion is an original Xbox game of giant robot combat that came out in 2002. It requires a notoriously large and complicated 40-button, .

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Robot Jox (1989) - IMDb
War is outlawed. In its place, are matches between large Robots called Robot Jox... . Robot | Alaska | Giant Robot | Futuristic | Bandage | See more .


AOL On - Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor "Story Trailer"
Inside every giant robot tank is a group of soldiers, and inside them is something worth fighting for. Check out this trailer for Steel Battalion, and see war, inside .

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The Hockey Game

Armored Core V Review (PS3) | GadgetReview
Apr 2, 2012 . Heck I even bought the giant crazy controller for Steel Battalion and Steel Battalion 2. I'm sure this love of giant robot combat comes from my .

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor XBox 360
The original Steel Battalion gained fame for its massive, 40-button controller, but in Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Capcom takes its giant robot sim series in the .

Dragon Fable - Play a free RPG in a 2D online fantasy game world
4995 years before DragonFable was an era of giant battling war machines. . the giant robot action at and pilot armed-to-the-teeth assault . " ArchKnight", "", "AdventureQuest Worlds", "Artix Entertainment", " Artix" .

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Unstable play an issue in Steel Battalion: Line of Contact | The San ...
May 31, 2004 . Giant robots are ready for online battles. This $200 controller is needed to play this sequel. As part of that price, the first game, Steel Battalion, .


Real Robot Genre - Television Tropes & Idioms
The Real Robot Genre trope as used in popular culture, with a list of examples from all media. . the odd shaped mothership Whitebase can transform into a giant robot. . The VTs of the Steel Battalion games are the most blatant example .


Zord - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Power Rangers Time Force there are several giant robots that are used by the mechanical Frax, some of which actually grow like mutants. They are not .


442nd Photo Project: Japanese Americans in WWII Giant Robot
Giant Robot News | 20, October 2011 | Art | No Comments. A little about the 442nd Japanese American battalion. The KCET article is basically introducing the .

We won!

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MakeSteelBattalion2 - YouTube
Steel Battalion, Giant Robots, Awesome-Sauce. . About SteelBattalionOnline TV . Steel Battalion, Giant Robots, Awesome-Sauce. /////////Stuff .

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EpicDuel - Free PvP MMORPG
Bionic Battalion Saga Commences! March 14, 2012 . Battle marauders, aliens, cybernetic mages, or an old man in giant robot armor! I'm not old, I'm .

Giant Mech/a Robot games? - Penny Arcade Forums
I currently have a urge to play some giant hulking mech games. . a copy of steel battalion/LoC, and Laning the fuck out of it for 1 v 1 GIANT ROBOT ACTION.


Japan - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
Japan does not have a standing giant robot battalion at the moment. The robots are used as ordinary vehicles until war or a state of emergency is declared.


Emery Lizet Romero | Graduate Demo Reel
Credit (Other students): Sony Ericsson bedroom environment created by Ligia M. Tijerino. Crimson Battalion Tank & Giant Robot created by Andrew Prince.


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Game Channel -
For those who dont know the Steel Battalion Franchise started in 2002 & was the most . The only mechs (or giant robots) games that I really like were from the .

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