increasing psa postsurgery

Article about PSA after surgery, from Brady Urological Institute ...
If you have a Gleason score of 5-7 Your PSA increased more than two years after surgery. AND your PSA doubling time was greater than 10 months: .


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Rising PSA after surgery, from Medscape
Apr 23, 2002 . A routine test revealed a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) of 11.5 in a 56-year-old man. Two weeks later, his PSA was 12.1, with a free PSA of .

PSA Rising Post-Treatment - Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)
That means zero PSA, not 0-4 ng/dl. However, some men will have a very low non-rising PSA after surgery, which can sometimes be related to normal prostate .

Johns Hopkins - Brady Urological Institute- Prostate Cancer Update
On the other hand, men with Gleason scores of 7 of lower, low pathologic stage and/or increases in PSA several years after surgery most likely will have only a .

PSA levels: Can they rise after prostate removal? -
Increased PSA — A number of factors can cause PSA to rise after surgery for . What causes PSA levels to increase after prostate removal due to benign .


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URF - The Site for Prostate Cancer Information
All elevated PSA levels after surgery should be re-checked to rule out a . Salvage radiotherapy is for a rising PSA, which means a recurrence of the cancer .

Postoperative Treatment After A Radical Prostatectomy
I recommend follow-up for 15 years with a PSA blood test every 6 months and a . as well as the time pattern in the increase of PSA (how long after surgery the .

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Rising PSA after Surgery - Prostate
Dec 17, 2007 . Up to 30% of men will not be cured by surgery alone and they will have a rise in their PSA months or years after the prostate is removed. That is .

Low level PSA after surgery - Prostate Cancer - Forum
Chapter 20 Rising PSA after Surgery or Radiation Therapy. Read this chapter to learn: Why do some prostate cancers recur? Does a rising .

Sep 12, 2005 . In addition, increasing PSA was significantly associated with increased risk of cancer recurrence after surgery, even in men with lower PSA .


Management of Asymptomatic Rising PSA After Prostatectomy or ...
Mar 31, 1997 . Management of Asymptomatic Rising PSA After Prostatectomy or . between postoperative PSA and the subsequent risk of disease recurrence.

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Treatments After Prostate Surgery
Jan 22, 2009 . Men who show increasing Prostate-Specific-Antigen (PSA) after surgery but without signs of metastases are offered a variety of options for .


PSA increase @ +7 & +12 after surgery | Cancer Survivors Network
Jan 5, 2012 . (12) weeks ago (10/17/11), I had my prostate removed after 6+ years of PSA increases and numerous biopsy. The last PSA was 13 with the bio .

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Rapid PSA Rise Calls for Radiation
Feb 12, 2008 . For the first time, researchers have shown that radiation can increase the odds of survival for men whose PSA levels rapidly rise after surgery .

Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test - National Cancer Institute
Mar 18, 2009 . The doctor may look for a trend of rising PSA measurements over time . PSA level does not fall below the limits of detection after surgery or .

rising PSA after surgery and SRT
Here's a short summary of my Pca history and present situation: Diagnosed 11/03 , with PSA <4.0 at age 54 12/03 Radical Prostatectomy .

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PSA Rise after Radical Prostate Surgery --What's the ... - PSA Rising
More on this Study and an Editorial: "Rising PSA Level After Prostatectomy is Not . the natural course of prostate cancer after surgery, Walsh and his colleagues .


Pomegranate Juice Slows PSA Rise in Men With ... - PSA Rising
Jul 5, 2006 . In a clinical study at the Jonsson Cancer Center at UCLA, men with rising PSA after surgery or radiation treatment who drank pomegranate .


Rising PSA following Definitive Local Therapy for Prostate Cancer: A ...
Rising PSA following Definitive Local Therapy for Prostate Cancer: A . In patients undergoing radical prostatectomy, post surgical detection of PSA is consistent .


The Palpable Prostate: Biochemical PSA Recurrence
Jan 14, 2008 . An increasing PSA level after curative therapy is termed a biochemical recurrence (BCR). . (2) PSA Less Than 0.04 Three Years Post Surgery .

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Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Explanation - Neil Baum M.D. ...
An increasing PSA level after radiation therapy or detectable PSA after surgery almost uniformly implies recurrent or persistent disease. Monitoring Patients with .

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BMC Cancer | Full text | Salvage radiotherapy for patients with PSA ...
All patients had persistent or rising PSA >0.20 ng/ml at some time after surgery. None had imaging (bone scan and/or abdominal-pelvic computed tomography .

What Does Failure After Surgery or Radiation Mean? - European ...
The accurate definition of what constitutes treatment failure after surgery and . In the setting of a rising PSA following treatment, it is often difficult to be sure .


“Peripheral” androgen deprivation for men with a rising PSA after ...
“Peripheral” androgen deprivation for men with a rising PSA after surgery and/or radiation therapy. Posted on January 16, 2012 by Sitemaster. What is the best .


"Rising P.S.A after surgery, radition and 6 months of hormone ...
Here goes, - Jan. 2010 had turp done because of rising psa and 4 negative biospy..psa was 13..found cancer in core of prostate..decided on surgery ..but put off .


Harvard Gazette: PSA rise signals high death risk
Jul 22, 2004 . P S A are frightening letters for those diagnosed with prostate cancer, . diagnose the disease and to detect its recurrence after surgery or radiation. . New research shows that an increase of PSA in the year before prostate .

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